Support all the way

Rest assured we are with you all the way we appreciate it may seem a bit daunting to contemplate managing your own kitchen project, but rest assured it works and it will save you a small fortune and put you in the driving seat.

contact… – we encourage you to contact us with questions no matter how trivial they may seem..we are constantly updating the website but there are always questions not covered. 

Most people find it fairly straight forward to submit a floor plan, however if you like the idea of controlling your own kitchen project and budget but have issues or concerns with the measuring let us know and we will advise you of a professional installer that could help.. 

Once you have a full plan made by us, you can e-mail, have a telephone conversation, or we can set up a video call if that works for you. 

In any case we will seek to verify your submitted measurements via an installer before any ordering stage..unless of course you are totally confident in your own abilities in which case the process is even faster.

We dont care how many times we alter you design…its worth getting it right…

measuring your kitchen


  • you or your installer will need to take measurements in metres and millimeters
  • take measurements of every wall on a clear wall with no doors,windows or other obstacles measure from corner to corner
  • …on other walls measure wall between doors/windows and the width and height of doors / windows
  • also include any other obstacles / features such as boilers, alcoves,beams etc…
  •  make a note of the ceiling height in att least 2 different places using the smallest of the measurements where there is any difference
  • top tip……when you measuring a wall with windows doors or any other obstacle measure the complete wall length and then use it as a check against the individual measurements wall run 1230mm, window 1234mm, 2nd wall run 1240mm,door 800mm,3rd wall run 450mm if you have measured correctly this should equal a wall to wall run measurement of 4.95m
using the online planner

click on the any of the boxes that will take you to our “Free” online kitchen planner

This is a user friendly tool that allows you to give us the room measurements and if you desire even some unit layout preferences

You are able to click and drag any element of the tool to alter measurements or you can double click any aspect to enter measurements seperately.

After you have the basic room measurements in place you can choose to finish at this stage or progress the plan further “its up to you”

Once we receive the outline plan we will drag this into our full cad package and send you some designs based on your preferences but also utilising our kitchen experts inputs.

design tips & rules

the first rule is “there are no rules” 

whilst the principle is the “triangle” ie. from unit to oven to sink there are so many different layouts that this over simplifies matters

the key thing is to visualise how you want to work in your kitchen space.. Think about

where you store things

where you prepare things

where you cook things

and safety

of course what you are effectively doing is placing units of different sizes to fit the space you have available..but key areas of focus are corner units and tower units…you can get a lot of shopping in a simple shelved larder tower unit.. 

look before you leap

when it comes to deciding what you want in your kitchen it pays to understand exactly what units and storage is available,,,we would strongly urge you to have a wander around our site to see what units are available in the sizes that fit your plan.

when it comes to storage or lighting there are all sorts of options available so again take a look, we will do our best to link products to give you a clearer idea of what is possible.