about us

our pedigree

Mastertrade has evolved from a large Installations only company, which means we have literally thousands of successful kitchen projects sub contracted for most of the major high street retailers, as well as our own installations from which to draw experience from. Using our knowledge of those retailers and the variations in quality, we have pulled together what we think is the best combination of ease of use, choice and quality products from manufacturers that share our Value for money aims.

the kitchen marketplace

we absolutely appreciate the vast choice of kitchen companies with whom you can do business, but it still surprises us that many people buy their kitchen from non-specialist companies who sell everything from tin tacks to super glue !, we only deal with kitchens…We can offer a dedicated expert service and in most circumstances be a cheaper option. 

product v installation

The high street brands offer what they describe as an end-to-end service product and installation..what in fact they generally do is use independent vetted installers and then add a premium charge on top for themselves. We are slowly seeing some of those brands returning to product only sales supported by vetted installers (as we do)..Its quite simply the case that the installer is best placed to manage the installation and deal with your needs and it will almost certainly save you money 

flatpack v rigid

Our cabinets (clickbox tool-less) are delivered flat pack, due to some very clever marketing there is a perception that flat pack is of inferior quality to so called rigid units…frankly that is rubbish. our clickbox cabinet range are easily assembled in minutes, they are connected all the way along each joining edge making them much stronger than dowelled and glued rigid units. Then there are the practical considerations….Flatpack takes up a fraction of the delivery space needed on vehicles and storage of the units at your residence. delivering environmental gains as well as convenience for you..In any case Cabinets that come rigid / complete have to have doors etc removed before fitting can commence….